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A mobile service providing rehabilitative deep tissue massage, sports massage, Swedish massage, fitness and Reiki in the comfort of your home, accommodation or workplace within the Glenshee and surrounding areas.

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Sports Massage



Why a sports massage?


Firstly, sports massage really is not just for those who take part in a sport. Because it works deep into the muscle realigning fibres and connective tissue, it is incredibly beneficial for pretty much everyone.


Regular massage sessions will increase flexibility and improve joint mobility, flushing toxins and easing muscular pain and discomfort along the way. 


Whether it is to help improve your posture, your sporting performance, for injury rehabilitation, to manage those daily tasks pain free or to quite simply give yourself or a loved one a treat then a sports massage is a great choice.


Pre and post sports massages are also available  for sporting teams and events. 


Swedish, Reiki  and pregnancy massage also available.


Please contact me for film sets and backstage theatre attendance.


Who is this for?


For the individual, pair or group, fitness is determined by you, whether that means climbing a mountain, running a marathon, overcoming illness or injury or simply just to manage those daily tasks without struggling.


You tell me what you would like to achieve and I'll give you the tools and motivation to get you there, smiling and laughing as you do.

















What is Reiki?


Reiki is a Japanese technique used for stress reduction and relaxation whilst promoting healing. It brings a sense of balance and wholeness along with peace of mind and an inner calm.


Reiki is used to help explore your spiritual side and will help you let go of emotional baggage.

A beautiful experience for any individual and incredibly effective for those with chronic illness.


If you are a fan of massage and curious about Reiki, I also offer a Reiki infused Swedish Massage.






Don't forget your pets for Reiki, animals are particularly responsive, especially horses.






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